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Mature content
(Beast X Reader) Beauty and the Beast :iconcutiepie0409:Cutiepie0409 53 2
Show Me What I Can Be (Blind!Reader x Loki)
Part two of Do You See What I See?
Words: 3100
“Raise your arms properly, Y/N! We want to make sure we get the proper measurements.” you heard your mother say and you obeyed her with slight hesitation. You were having a dress made. A dress for your coming of age. A dress to help you find a husband.
As a young woman of high birth, you were expected to find a suitable husband by your next birthday. You were raised with grace and etiquette but your mother had trouble finding suitors for you because of one minor flaw; you could not see. It was a trait that was looked down upon in Asgard. If you could not see, how could you tend to your husband and eventual children? How could you teach your daughter how to weave and read if you yourself could not do such simple tasks?
There was a stigma about maidens who could not find a husband by their eighteenth birthday. If you could not find a suitor soon, you were destined to become a crone maiden; or an old virgin lady. That stigma was h
:iconanna-lyn:Anna-Lyn 163 39
Feel My Heart - Part 12 (Stark!Reader x Pietro)
“I was able to read his mind through the synthetic body. I-I saw that his actual plan is to cause a global catastrophe. To make a new age of Earth's evolution... to kill everyone...”
(y/n) saw how Wanda's hand started to glow red.
Helen beside her took a deep breath as her eyes became normal again, recovering her senses as she got out of the mind control.
She stared at (y/n) and slowly motioned her to go away from the control system of the Cradle.
“I'll make it stop.” Helen mouthed to her.
Ultron turned his head, as if he had sensed something. “There's incoming... the Quinjet. We have to move.”
Pietro shook his head. “We won't do this. Count us out.”
The twins turned around, ready to leave.
“No...” (y/n) whispered and jogged after them. “Wanda... Pietro, please!”
“You're good here. You're a Stark. And a Stark does what a Stark can best: Destroy.” Wanda spit, her eyes almos
:iconjennarogers02:JennaRogers02 110 87
Stuck with the Trickster (Pietro x Reader)
You were Y/N Barton. The daughter of Clint Barton. And you have the biggest crush on the one and only Pietro Maximoff.
Warnings: Cursing
Words:  2149 words

You looked like a zombie. Your hair looked like it got caught in a tornado and you had markings on your face that came from sleeping on something. From the looks of it, you slept on your books again. You walked at a slow and steady pace and yawned again frequently.
“You know, I thought being late means you’d be rushing all around the room like Sonic Maximoff.” Clint noted as he stared at you groggily enter the kitchen.
“I overslept Dad.” you replied simply to your father while you ignored his little comment on Pietro. Ever since the events involving Ultron and even after, the pair did not meet eye to eye. That many be due to the fact that Pietro made it his personal mission to annoy Clint all the time.
“Clearly.” Clint smirked.
You were still clearly not fully awake as you walke
:iconanna-lyn:Anna-Lyn 227 22
Steal Her Heart (Steve Rogers x Reader)
Prompt (Based of her request  on tumblr <3) : Someone suggested you all needed a break and that the carnival was in town. So naturally you all went and tried to have a good time. That was a little hard when Steve and Tony were openly competing to win you over.
1625 words
Enjoy my lovelies~

It wasn’t your idea to go to the carnival but once you got there, you wished you were the one who suggested it. The sights, the sounds, the smells. It was all amazing. There were many different rides like the giant roller coaster, the ferris wheel, and the grand merry-go-round. You made a mental note to ride them all. There was a lot of laughter, screaming and chatting going on around you and the noise just made you feel more excited. You couldn’t remember the last time you had been to something like this. You had been stuck at the tower, helping Natasha and Clint train or be there as involuntary help for Bruce and Tony. Going out like this was a nice change. The tower was
:iconanna-lyn:Anna-Lyn 226 30
Late Night Wishes (Owen Grady x Reader)
Prompt: It was a peaceful night time on the island but you couldn’t go to sleep. Not without Owen.
Your pillows did not feel comfortable at all. As you continued to lie down, you swore the pillows started to feel like cement. You looked at the clock on the dresser beside your bed and sighed when you realized that you had been trying to fall asleep for two hours. You finally sat up when you started to have a headache. You felt restless. You scratched your head, you messed up your own hair and you even stretched. Nothing made you fall asleep. You could only yawn but not fall asleep.
Your bed felt empty. So you got off and walked out of the bungalow that you and Owen had shared. You missed him dearly. He had spent the past two days with his raptors because one of them got sick. And you were also sick and he explained that he didn’t want whatever sickness to spread to everyone. Owen apologized many times before he left and during his whole shift on your walkie-talkies. You were
:iconanna-lyn:Anna-Lyn 219 26
Its Just A Scratch (Owen Grady x Reader)
Prompt: Owen got hurt after a training incident with the raptors. Now there was a new opening for a job at the raptors.
Warnings: Alcohol intoxication, Shirtless Owen
The other trainers and help brought him out of the pen as fast as they could. They carried him to you and your worried expression was met with his fake calm expression. Owen was trying his best to act cool but you knew better than that. His shirt was bloodied. With his own blood. And you were actually impressed by how calm and cool he tried to act.
“Take your shirt off, Owen.” you ordered.
“Isn’t it a little too public for that, Y/N?” he joked while smiling at you.
“Very funny, now come on big guy. Let’s see what Echo and Charlie did to you.” you said while you hesitantly tried to unbutton his bloodied polo. After an embarrassing few seconds, you managed to get his polo off and you saw him smirking.
“Shut up.” you said as you rolled your eyes and asked some of th
:iconanna-lyn:Anna-Lyn 294 42
Owen Grady x Reader ~ Tomatoe or Rose

You worked in the Park longer than most people. You knew about the previous one, where people died, but you somehow didn't care. You loved dinasaurs, especially predators like allosaurs and T-Rex. You were basically the only one who they listened to completely. Everytime there was a problem with them or utahraptors - they called you. And damn you were good at your job. Just as good as velociraptors trainer, Owen Grady. Your crush. He was funny, smart, handsome and he was great with Echo, Blue, Charlie and Delta. But he never saw you as anyone than a Dinosaur Lady. You always had difficulties to interact with other human beings so talking to him was a complet horror for you. Mostly when you weren't with you animals, you were sitting somewhere alone, trying to relax a bit. Like right now. You had a rough time with the utahraptors. Someone made them pretty angry and forgot to feed them, so when a trainer came into the cage, they attacked and you had to
:iconbrodreravn:BrodreRavn 162 7
Owen Grady x Reader ~ Raptor Boy

You were working in the Jurassic Park for years. You were the expert when it comes to the prehistoric predators, so you had a lot of work. Mostly with T-Rex and smaller ones. Though you have never worked with velociraptors. Why? Because they had their own trainer, cheeky, handsome, funny and smart Owen Grady. Though, God he was annoying. Now Claire got the idea of adding utahraptors to the Raptor Squad. It was the dumbest idea she has ever had, and you told her that, that’s why now you had to drive to Owen to persuade him to give Claire his second opinion about this plan. You found him outside his bunglow and you took a deep breath. You had shorts, top and as always - you father’s hat. Yes, you were the daughter of Alan Grant. That’s why you were so respected in the park, among other trainers. You knew everything about the prehistoric animals. 
You left the car and started walking in Owen’s direction. When he saw you, he
:iconbrodreravn:BrodreRavn 242 570
Attractive Demise - Vore Fan Comic by vore-fan-comics Attractive Demise - Vore Fan Comic :iconvore-fan-comics:vore-fan-comics 416 6
Stark's Baby Sister
Hi!! So basically, this is my first time writing any reader insert. So please bare with my it. And I'm still a noob here at Deviant Art. I'm still understanding how this works. I'm sorry for any mistakes, grammar and spelling wise.
(y/n) = your name
(f/c) = favorite color
(e/c) = eye color
      Pietro's POV
  I didn't  want to go to this gala, I was tired and I had to wear those stupid penguin suits. But everybody except me agreed to it, mostly because they wanted to celebrate and have fun. Due to my sisters pleads, I gave in. Hoping I could drink myself away at the party.
  When we got there many people already arrived and we were the last one to come. Tony went to get Pepper, Steve, Clint, and Thor went to greet some people, Bruce and Natasha went dancing, Vision and my own sister left me at the entrance to go talk somewhere else. Realization hit me that this party will indeed be boring, so I started to make my way towards the bar.
:icondangitscupcake:DangItsCupcake 47 13
Friends? (Maximoff Twins x Reader)
 A/n: Hey guys! This is my first one shot! Now this was inspired by an Imagine on here: so yeah. Please let me know right away if there are any spelling mistakes or suggestions on my crappy Sokovian accents. Anyway Pietro is still alive and not Swiss cheese, Bruce never went off to god knows where. Thanks for reading peoples. Stay beautiful my reader sempais!
(Y/n)= Your name
(Y/a)= Your age
(H/t)= Hometown
(H/s)= Homestate
(F/b)= Favorite book
(F/f)= Favorite food
(F/s)= Favorite side dish
     (Y/n) sighs as she sits against a metal support beam in the training room of the new Avengers facility. You see (Y/n) had a very rough childhood because she was abused by her siblings (A/n: no not the twins, reader-chan's actual "siblings" if you don't have any pretend you do) and parents because she could control the four elements (A/n: why does it seem like I'm obsessed with elementals?!?!). Thus she  trusted no
:iconpandy1031:Pandy1031 13 1
Filling the Empty 'Spot' by Shryland-VoreGalore Filling the Empty 'Spot' :iconshryland-voregalore:Shryland-VoreGalore 553 20
Of Kings and Faeries: Profile 1: The Horned King
If The Horned King ever had a name, it is known only to him. For as long as he has strode the land, he has only been known by the titles that the mortals he chose to interact with gave him.
While Arawn still lived, he was The Horned Huntsman, greatest of all Arawn's Uruk-Hai. It was in part due to his skill, ruthlessness, and sheer force of will that Arawn was able to extract a blood pact from warring chieftains that solidified their loyalty for the rest of their days.
When Arawn was sacrificed to power The Black Cauldron, The Horned Huntsman rose to fill the void that had been created. In this way, he became The Horned King, and his story truly began.  It should be noted, however, that the Black Cauldron was thrown to the far reaches of the world before word of his masters defeat reached the Horned Huntsman, and so he had no way of knowing of its existence.  What he thought had happened to his master is a secret that only he knows, though it can be presumed that he
:iconaken-jizo:Aken-Jizo 4 4
Depravity (Horned King x Reader)
You were a young, handsome, adventurous character, but one very, very foolish.
Once you had ventured into the wilderness, abandoning the wearisome, and unassuming life as a peasant among common, mortal men. You renounced all ties to that pitiable and worthless village, and sought better things. Armed with a dagger—generously crafted and bestowed to you by the late blacksmith of that nameless place of former residence—the clothes on your back, and a rucksack filled with minimal provisions, you trudged through dense foliage, treacherous gorges, and plains so vast, they seemed endless.
On your journey you sustained numerous injuries, which you mended quite crudely, as you had only rudimentary wisdom in medicine. Yet you learned, in the coming trials, to scavenge, and ration your supply, optimally. Soon, you were gaining a bit of bulk and experience—becoming hardier, stronger, and more disciplined in your travels. You tested yourself on game, and predators higher up on th
:iconkurosaburo:KuroSaburo 4 0
Mature content
Legolas x Reader lemon :icongirlwhoplaysgames:Girlwhoplaysgames 76 66


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