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Sideshow Bob x Reader 2 - Return of the Clown
“Why, hello again, my friend,” Bob says, spotting you on the bench. He steps towards you. His movements are elegant and he bounces slightly in his step before sitting down next to you. He looks over at you warmly. “I wasn’t expecting to see you again.”
“Robert, hello,” you say. You smile, as you are aching to tell him something. “You’ll never believe what happened today. I won a sweepstakes to appear on a celebrity’s show as a guest!”
“That’s wonderful!” he says. As much as he hates most television, he is happy for you. “Which show?”
“The Krusty the Clown Show.”
His eyes widen. “No.” His voice is small, and he starts shaking his head. “Don’t do it, (y/n)! He’s evil!”
“What do you mean?”
Bob is hesitant. “I was his sidekick once. To say I regretted every second of it would be an understatement.”
“It’s just one
:iconvyletsalterego:VyletsAlterEgo 5 7
Sideshow Bob x Reader - Relaxing After a Long Day
Bart had been within his clutches. And again, he’d let him slip away.
How could it have happened that the boy had chewing gum in his mouth? And that direct contact with his arm would make him recoil in such a way as to allow the boy to escape? In a battle of wits against a ten-year-old, why did he always lose?
He moaned and fell down on a bench, making it crackle a little with his momentum.
It had been a long day. But now, finally, it was over. He rubbed his aching calves, still sore from running through a hedge maze being chased by geese.
He let the still lake, the forest surrounding it, and the gentle whispers of nature soothe him. The sun looked about an inch away from the horizon.

A person with (h/c) hair with (petite/medium/tall) stature walked along by the lake. You were just out here for a nature walk when you decided to sit down on the empty bench. You didn’t pay any notice to a man with big red hair in the shape of a palm tree until he slumped down on the b
:iconvyletsalterego:VyletsAlterEgo 11 15
Mature content
ColorPolice!taliaxReader- Prison... :iconmidnightestrella:Midnightestrella 18 11
Colorpolice-talia!xReader: Interrogation room

A/n: I got so much positive feedback! ~  ;) :) :D Let's-a gooooooo!~ 

"So tell me, who is your boss.. do you work alone?" The British man asked as he put his hands on the cold metal table. -Name- sighed, she was in a glass interrogation room. The blonde in front of her was named Arthur. 
  "I don't work for anyone.. I don't know why i'm here.."  She mumbled, covering her face with her hands. 
Arthur furrowed his brows, "Tell me the Bloody truth!!" 
Name - sighed, she bit her lip to keep from shouting. The girl growled, "I just went to cash some
:iconmidnightestrella:Midnightestrella 36 37
Color Police! Hetalia x Reader: I'M NO CRIMINAL!  

CHAPTER ONE: Why am I being chased by bunch of Officers (don't get me wrong, they're cute) when I didn't do anything wrong?  

A/N: My first Hetalia x Reader on DA, and I'm feeling really good about it. I'm not going to put in as Mature Content because it's just swear words from mostly, (hopefully) Lovino and Arthur, (maybe the reader as well) also, it's because I'm in YOLO mode. Hope you duckies all enjoy it!~

-Name's- breath got caught in her throat, she was running as fast as she could. Her path was growing thinner by the minute, her feet were getting sore. Why? Why? She thought to herself as she turned hard right heading straight for an alleyway. She hit the wall and skidded, she heard shouts.
"Stop right there!"
"Halt in the name of the law!"
She knew she couldn't stop now, she ran down the path, turning to every
:iconmidnightestrella:Midnightestrella 26 27
Hetalia Police Heaven
Is time for the POLICE, but not any type of police.....The Hetalia Police Heaven~.....Just enjoy yourself with the handcuffs and whips in the jail~
:iconraphaelatheturtel:RaphaelaTheTurtel 440 410
Winx: Fabia Butterflix by DragonShinyFlame Winx: Fabia Butterflix :icondragonshinyflame:DragonShinyFlame 140 72 Winx: Alice Butterflix by DragonShinyFlame Winx: Alice Butterflix :icondragonshinyflame:DragonShinyFlame 135 48 Winx: Delix Butterflix by DragonShinyFlame Winx: Delix Butterflix :icondragonshinyflame:DragonShinyFlame 130 72 Winx Club Butterflix - Aria by Lunachan1988 Winx Club Butterflix - Aria :iconlunachan1988:Lunachan1988 9 0 Routa - A Frostfairy - Butterflix by GreatSecretxD Routa - A Frostfairy - Butterflix :icongreatsecretxd:GreatSecretxD 49 12 Karate Kid - You're Ours pic by alggsfan
Mature content
Karate Kid - You're Ours pic :iconalggsfan:alggsfan 18 44
Daphne Butterflix by Bloom2 Daphne Butterflix :iconbloom2:Bloom2 273 102 Flora Butterflix by Bloom2 Flora Butterflix :iconbloom2:Bloom2 181 0 Bloom Butterflix Couture alt. ver. by Bloom2 Bloom Butterflix Couture alt. ver. :iconbloom2:Bloom2 212 0 Bloom Butterflix Couture by Bloom2 Bloom Butterflix Couture :iconbloom2:Bloom2 239 43


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