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Male! Jasmine x Reader Ch. 4
At the throne room, Jafar told the Sultan that he found a solution to a problem with Prince Jasmin.
"Sire, I have found a solution to the problem with your son," said Jafar, holding a scroll in his hand.
"Awk! The problem with your son!" stated Iago, acting like an actual parrot.
"Really?" replied the Sultan questionably.
"Right here," Jafar unrolled the scroll to show the details to the Sultan. He then read it out loud, "If the prince has not chosen a wife by the appointed time, then the sultan shall choose for him."
The Sultan heard Jafar talking about the sultan choosing a suitor for the prince before he gave a cracker to Iago, much to the red parrot's displeasure.
"But Jasmin hated all those female suitors! How could I choose someone he hates?" he asked Jafar.
"Not to worry, my liege," the vizier reassured. "There is more."
Iago became relieved, however the Sultan himself gave the red parrot a cracker, much to his dismay.
Jafar cleared his throat and read the next detail of the scr
:iconkunoichi101:kunoichi101 64 2
Male! Adagio x reader Part 2
Been. Too. Long. Must. Wright..... Lol, sorry it's been so long, or for a few probably not :P  but anyway. I finally came up with names for the genderbent sirens that make sense! Being a music addict I knowtesed that their names are musical terms. So I changed their names with other musical terms! Hope you guys enjoy! Also, I would put a picture on this, but I write these on my phone and have no idea how to do it. So! http:/ this is the pic I am basing our boys on, so character design thanks and thumbs up goes to them, not me.
Last time! : three handsome boys walked in.
You sat their and looked at them curiously. They must be new to town because you've never seen them before around town. You just shrug it off and tuned back in to what the teacher was saying.
"Class, this is Scherzo Dawn" she turns her hand to the boy on the left who had light blue spiky hair with dark blue highlights that was going up and had dark
:iconblueskys101:BlueSkys101 17 3
MLP Male! Adagio x Fem! Reader
How has this not been done?! No matter! I shall fix that easily. This is my first time writing so any comment whatsoever will really help. I don't mind harsh criticism, I do mind rude criticism however. So please be nice when commenting. Thank you, and hope you enjoy! (P.S I don't write yaoi or yuri, so please don't request those if you have any for me.)
Key: (Y/N) = your name
(H/C) = hair color
(E/C) = eye color
(S/C) = skin color
(C/M) = cutie mark
Your name is (Y/N), with (S/C) skin, (H/C) hair, and (E/C) eyes. Some may call you average, some say beautiful, some day otherwise, but it didn't matter. Everyone is different in the eyes of their beholders. But right now you were in the library helping Rainbow Blitz (yes I'm changing their gender as well) study for a test in his algebra class. You were fairly good at it. After all, to you math was just following a bunch of rules and patterns that need to be done in a certain o
:iconblueskys101:BlueSkys101 17 3
Baby Problem: What the hell... by SilasSamle Baby Problem: What the hell... :iconsilassamle:SilasSamle 473 50 Steve and Bucky Babies: Eye Shadow by SilasSamle Steve and Bucky Babies: Eye Shadow :iconsilassamle:SilasSamle 748 62 Steve and Bucky babies: The Mjolnir by SilasSamle Steve and Bucky babies: The Mjolnir :iconsilassamle:SilasSamle 616 74
Lost Love Found Ch.1
Chapter 1
The year was now 2012. And everything about Henry had faded into a distant memory.
After Draculaura's Sweet 1600, the weekend went by creepily slow, as Valentine worked as hard as he could to get that retched smell out of his clothes and more importantly, off of himself. His mother was furious when he arrived home as he dripped god-knows-what on her 13th century rug in the foyer. She shuffled in and hooped and hollered about the mess and the smell and the fact he hadn't cleaned up after his pet bats. He rolled his eyes and without a word stalked past her nagging to the sanctuary of his own bedroom.
He just wasn't in the mood to deal with her screeching and felt that he could put off the lecture of 'you have to listen and obey your mother' as he slammed and locked his bedroom door. With a sigh, the vampire headed for the bathroom and glanced at himself in the vampire-proof mirror. He stared at his wide-eyed glare for what felt like ages before finally bringing himself to just
:iconthedavyjones:TheDavyJones 52 8
In The Mud (StevexReader)
"Steve" You called as you came downstairs, baby Vanessa in your arms.
You chuckled as your little bleach blonde baby wiggled in your arms, finger in her mouth as she looked around with her bright blue eyes. She was almost one, and you were seeking out your husband for help in planning the party and dinner ideas. You sighed as you looked around your childhood home, soon going outside. Damn man should have come in from the farm an hour ago, it was raining cats and dogs!
You walked outside, placing your free hand on your hip while the baby rested on your other one. There he was, over by the fence, soaking wet as a result of the rain he apparently stood in for an hour. You set your baby girl down on the last step before walking to your husband.
"Steven Grant Rogers, what in the hell is your problem?!"
Your husband looked at you and smiled, "Nothing. What, a farmer can't enjoy the rain?"
"Not when said farmer is supposed to help his wife plan their first child's first birthday."
:icontonystarks-girl:TonyStarks-Girl 54 3
Heavenly Dream | Steve Rogers x Reader |
Steve scurried as best as he could through the snow, but he was trying to be careful as he walked through the streets of Brooklyn. It wouldn’t do him any good to be all scraped up and bruised tonight, lest he get a lecture from Bucky about fighting men twice his size and a cold shoulder from his best girl. He kept his head down low and tried to avoid hearing anything that would bring him to try and stand up for the little guy, never mind the fact that Steve Rogers, while not in heart nor mind, was the ultimate ‘little guy.’
The shops were dressed to the nines in Christmas gear, the lights in most of them turned off by this point. It was rather late, and not only would it run up the electric bill, but it would make the shop more susceptible to robbery. There were a few places, namely bars, that were still open, but even they had at least one Christmas decoration to show.
Steve quite liked this time of the year. Sure, he was poor ever since he was born, bu
:icontonystarks-girl:TonyStarks-Girl 91 21
Dropped Books | Steve Rogers x Reader |
He held out a worksheet from your art class. You took the paper from him and presented a thankful grin. "Thank you so much! I'd have been completely screwed next block if I didn't have this."
He smiled. "Steve Rogers."
"(Name) (Last Name)."
"So, I couldn't help but notice that's from art. I was always under the impression that you're supposed to have fun and create in that class, not take notes like any other subject."
"Right?! I feel like we learn more than draw or paint. Which really sucks, because I love creating."
Steve shrugged his backpack off and unzipped it, pulling out a piece of paper. "Why don't you join art club? We're always making, hardly learning." He promised you with a beautiful smile.
You placed the paper on top of everything else. Steve then realized the extent of all the things in your arms. "Want some help with those?"
"You'll be late for class." Hair fell into your eyes as you shook your head.
The tall, muscular blond shrugged. "I'm in attendance third block, and
:icontonystarks-girl:TonyStarks-Girl 177 20
Kattspark Comm. by AvoraComics Kattspark Comm. :iconavoracomics:AvoraComics 464 19 Napalm25 Comm by AvoraComics Napalm25 Comm :iconavoracomics:AvoraComics 504 15 HungryScorpion Comm. by AvoraComics HungryScorpion Comm. :iconavoracomics:AvoraComics 814 31 Group Request #2 by AvoraComics Group Request #2 :iconavoracomics:AvoraComics 636 27 Group Request #1 by AvoraComics Group Request #1 :iconavoracomics:AvoraComics 678 24 Request Poll Result #3 by AvoraComics Request Poll Result #3 :iconavoracomics:AvoraComics 765 30


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